The Sundering Worlds

In the Land of Aether

Session 13

After arriving in a strange new world, the PCs retired to a nearby inn in the hopes of recuperating their senses. Before long, however, an explosion rocked the city square and overturned the city of Areydan. In the chaos, a hooded figure confronted the PCs. He said his name was Mythar and that he was an autarch participating in the dispossessed rebellion against the Fhrey. Deciding to trust Mythar, the PCs followed him to the hideout of the dispossessed where they met with Aysha, the leader of the dispossessed, who spun a tale of oppression and deceit. The Fhrey, she claimed, rule Areydan with an iron fist. They are aether wielders who oversee all of life in Areydan, which has led to a society split in two. The Fhrey rule the dispossessed and the dispossessed are the slaves of the Fhrey. It is Aysha’s hope that the PCs will help the dispossessed ignite a war against the Fhrey, so that Areydanian society will reset itself. Aysha then told the PCs of a great rift outside of the city wherein the aether of the Fhrey is seeping out. The people of the city now have free and fair access to the magic that has so longed oppressed them. The rift, Aysha tells the PCs, must not be closed. It must, if anything, be permanently opened so that the Fhrey will be held accountable.

Later that night, however, the PCs were approached by a man named Fingol. He is a Fhrey and a lieutenant of the Archon, Elise. He told the PCs a vastly different version of events wherein Aysha is a usurper looking only for power and prestige. In order to maintain the world balance, Fingol asked the PCs, on behalf of Elise, to travel to the great rift and close the aether slippage.

In order to test their own theories, the PCs then traveled Areydan and asked the dispossessed if their lives were worth living. The PCs, unfortunately, received mixed feedback, and so, they realized, the choice was theirs: side with the dispossessed to overthrow the Archon or travel to the rift and seek to close that which is destroying the planar realms?



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