The Sundering Worlds

Cave Tactics

Session 2

Corvus Cade and Pekeporo Nameseeker cautiously approached the entrance of the cave with arrows nocked. Upon entry, the pair found three rabid wolves chained to the wall. Corvus recognized the immediate threat, not only of the wolves’ attack but also of their ability to alert the goblins to the pair’s presence. As the wolves tugged at their restraints, Corvus loosed an arrow at the nearest wolf. Feeling a deep sense of sorrow at the harm of his animal brethren, Pekeporo cast upon himself the ability to speak with the wolves. He neared the wolves and appealed to them with promises of freedom. The only response he could decipher from two of them was unadulterated rage in their cries as the nearest wolf found enough chain slack to sink his teeth into Pekeporo’s arm. Yet one of the wolves understood, padded to the corner and laid down. Baffled by the scene unfolding, Corvus moved in closer to his friend and sank another arrow into a wolf. With a heavy heart, Pekeporo retreated and loosed an arrow at the foes. As Corvus neared the wolves, suddenly one of their chains snapped, and in a flash, he was on top of Corvus biting into his shoulder. Corvus wheeled and slashed through the wolf’s throat. As Pekeporo unleashed a mortal strike on another wolf, he silently cried out in sorrow. Corvus surveyed the large room and found a chimney chute in a corner as Pekeporo freed the remaining wolf from his restraints.

Pekeporo pled with the wolf to take his freedom, but the wolf pressed in, repeating a soft “friend” to Pekeporo. Corvus urgently whispered, “Pekeporo, there’s an access chute to the upper room. Let’s go!” He shimmied up the chute and spied three goblins and a goddamn bug-bear, all fast asleep. He tossed a rope down to Pekeporo and they were quickly reunited. Agreeing on the major threat of the bug-bear, the pair unleashed a relentless surprise attack on the sleeping foe. Although suffering injuries, they quickly dispatched of their groggy enemies. With further exploration, they found the highest point in the cave (while also noting the perilous traps they circumnavigated by climbing the chute) containing a bloody and nearly lifeless Sildar. As they rushed up to save him, four more goblins, one clearly dressed as the enclave’s leader, rushed up the incline to engage in battle. Corvus nocked an arrow to engage, but Pekeporo was weary of battle. He summoned the power of Aerdrie Faenya, elven goddess of the sky, and lightning erupted from his fingertips. It shot through the cavern and plunged into the chests of all four goblins, exploding their frail bodies in an orgy of blood and viscera.

Corvus, Pekeporo, Sildar, and their wolf companion departed the cave. As they neared the wagon, they felt a great sense of relief, thinking the worst was behind them. Pekeporo couldn’t hide his smile upon seeing K’ot again. Suddenly, they all froze in their tracks as they heard, “Corvus Cade. Don’t move. Your past has come back for you.”

Will our heroes elude this new and mysterious foe? What mysterious past is Corvus trying to escape? Does anyone ever just have a relaxing afternoon in Faerun? Tune in next time to find out!



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