The Sundering Worlds

New Companions of All Varieties

Session 5

Our heroes awoke refreshed in Queline’s entryway. Carp bounced into the room, thrilled at the prospect of adventure. Corvus swept the sleep out of his eyes as Pekeporo packed their equipment. With a final caution from Queline toward safety, the trio set out for the secret entrance to the Redbrand cave with K’ot. They had a leisurely and uneventful stroll to the cave mouth. Carp pointed it out and went on his way, pockets a bit heavier with the gold he earned for his bravery.

Corvus, Peke and K’ot cautiously entered the cave. There they found a massive room with a stream running through it, but Corvus was unable to enjoy its magnificence, as he felt an oppressive voice in his mind. He couldn’t shake the voice as despair settled in. Fortunately, Peke noticed the tree from his vision in the southeast corner of the room, so they went down the hall. As they distanced themselves from the entry room, Corvus felt his sanity returning.

They found another room containing many doors and a well. Peke sensed something was odd about the well, so he went to inspect it closely. He found a thin strand, which he pulled to reveal the necessary supplies for disguise and escape. Corvus led the way as they explored a storage room beyond the well, where they found three Redbrands. Their attempts at deceit fell pathetically short, so Corvus made quick work of the three foes. Before dispatching the third, Corvus questioned the Redbrand, but he was of little assistance. His lack of useful information was rewarded with the business end of Corvus’ blades. Fearing discovery, Peke weighed the bodies down and dumped them in the well.

Further exploration revealed an abandoned manor and a hallway with an ornate door bearing Peke’s vision tree. The voice from his vision urged him on. He noticed a trap in the hall and managed to trigger the collapse of the floor without stepping on it. This left him a narrow ledge to cross. Unfortunately, his poor agility led him to fall in the pit anyway. Corvus danced across the ledge and sent down a rope to help him out.

Corvus and Peke explored the next room, where they discovered four strange sarcophagi. Feeling a bit of weariness, they decided to press on in their Redbrand disguises. When they entered the next room, they discovered a prison guarded by two Redbrands. This time, they managed to convince the Rebrands they were replacement guards and even persuaded the Redbrands to give them keys to the cells. Peke was so excited it worked, he didn’t think to change out of his disguise before setting out to befriend the silent Drow Elf sitting in one of the cells. When he discovered his foolishness, he quickly explained himself and recklessly freed the Drow and offered her goodberries to gain her trust. While the drow was hesitant, she did offer her name: Elzalath. Meanwhile, Corvus freed the woman and children in the opposite cell. Through discussion, he learned that this was Mirna, the woman who disappeared with her children when her husband was killed.

The group set out to exit the caves when Elzalath recognized a dark presence. Frustrated with her liberators’ lack of thoroughness, she knew a fight with evil was imminent. Fortunately, her combat spell proficiencies had suffered no entropy while imprisoned. As skeletons emerged from the coffins, Elzalath and Corvus made quick work of them with some assistance from Peke and K’ot.

They cautiously exited the caves. Fortunately Peke’s earlier actions prevented the Redbrands from discovering their deceit. They headed back to Phandalin to return Myrna and her children to their home, to seek weapons for Elzalath from Halia, and to get some much needed rest after a productive day.

Will the Redbrands recognize them palling around town? Will they ever figure out who Glasstaff is? Is Peke moving in on Myrna way too soon after she lost her husband and was imprisoned? Tune in next time to find out!



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