The Sundering Worlds

Opposites Attract

Session 6

After a bit of persuasion and payment, Halia outfitted Elzalath with her weapons of choice. The trio headed to the inn for some much-needed rest. The inn’s tavern was largely empty, with a lone figure drinking silently in the corner. Pekeporo’s ignorance of social custom shone through as he attempted to befriend the gruff stranger who quickly dismissed Peke’s congeniality. After some drinking and good-natured rabble-rousing, the adventurers headed off to bed, using their Bree technique. But this time, their adversary anticipated their schemes.

“Corvus Cade. Your time has come. You can come quietly and nobody gets hurt.”

The gruff man’s voice rang through the hallway as he emerged from the stairway. Another figure appeared from behind to surround them. Corvus reached his limit on paying off Portius’ goons, so he drew his swords. 3 on 2 with a trained draw on their side? This would not be a fair fight.

And it wasn’t.

After slaughtering the unknown figure behind them, the trio allowed the gruff figure to live when he dropped his false bravado. He was simply an aspiring adventurer on a hunt for gold. Despite Elzalath’s misgivings, they decided to allow him to live and accompany them back to the Redbrand hideout as their meat shield.

The innkeeper entered the hall and was horrified by the grisly scene. HIs anger was dwarfed by Elzalath’s rage that he allowed this to happen. He stammered the impossible situation he was placed in and in his outrage, he kicked them out of his inn. He didn’t realize his good fortune at escaping the situation with his life.

The heroes along with their captive journeyed back into the Redbrand cave. As they entered, their captive felt the oppressive mental prison Corvus experienced on their first entry. Fortunately, this left Elzalath, Corvus, Peke and K’ot the mental clarity to recognize the foe across the chasm that was the source of the anguish. It was a massive nothic out of an eldritch nightmare. They quickly sprang into action.

Corvus unleashed a flurry of well-placed arrows as Elzalath harnessed her righteous power to bring down destruction on this beast. Upon arriving in melee range, Corvus and Elzalath beat the life out of the creature. Meanwhile, Peke took careful aim and his arrow flew true, straight into the monster’s teeny-tiny butthole, stimulating the anus and causing the beast to projectile shit all over the cavern. An unholy stench temporarily overwhelmed the nearby combatants, but they quickly recovered and dispatched of the creature.

After a bit of healing, the party headed into the unexplored areas of the hideout. In the farthest reaches of the caves, they found a room that was clearly Glasstaff’s. The entire hideout was abandoned. Among the baubles and arcana, they found a rat skittering around the room. Glasstaff addressed the team through the rat, demonstrating its presence as a surveillance simulacrum. When Peke attempted to destroy it, it disappeared. But the most disturbing part was their discovery of Glasstaff’s identity. Glasstaff was their pal’s missing friend.

Will our heroes ever track down Glasstaff? What the fuck, friend we rescued earlier? Why can’t Ryan ever remember anyone’s name? Tune in next time to find out!



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