The Sundering Worlds

Stuck in the Middle

The trio decided to exercise an increased measure of caution as they set out to explore this new realm. Peke dug his fingers into the loose soil at his feet to question the living world. He could feel the damage the tainted aether was causing. He also found no concerns about the warrior on the hill, so he walked to the man while his companions set up camp.

The man on the hill introduced himself as Shinzo Abe of Clan Crane. After formalities, Peke felt Abe could be trusted. The adventuring party accompanied Abe back to Clan Crane to meet their leader, Endo. Endo proved cagey at the party’s desire to close the rift and move on. He viewed the arrival of these planeswalkers as an opportunity to solve the clan’s problems with their rival, Clan Rooster. In the midst of their discussions, an arrow flew through the crowded room and killed Endo. Elzalath attempted to gain more insight by talking to Enzo but Abe forbade communication with the dead. Peke and Corvus attempted to identify the culprit, but none could be found.

The crew agreed to talk to Clan Rooster to try to figure this out while truly intending to find the rift on their own. They had enough of getting involved in the affairs of the ungrateful planes they needed to save. So they headed off to Clan Rooster to see if they could gain more information about the rift.

In the woods, malevolent specters began flitting in and out of view. When one spirit seemed hostile enough to attack, the team attempted to get rid of her. Unfortunately, their attacks only empowered the poltergeist further. When all other options were exhausted, Elazalath called on the Lich Lord for assistance. He delivered them to the edge of the forest in sight of Clan Rooster’s compound.

What new intrigues will our heroes find at Clan Rooster? What malevolent force can harness and manipulate our heroes’ power? Where is this dang rift anyway? Tune in next time to find out!



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