Recursion Dire Wolf




K’otquchoq was born to a pack deep in the Wood of Sharp Teeth, far from the reaches of civilization. As she grew in size, she also grew to love exploring. She always went along on the hunting parties. She found the sensation of new experiences exhilarating, and the pack noted that she had a finely tuned sense of her surroundings, even beyond a typical dire wolf.

While she felt a deep affinity for her pack, K’ot began exploring every corner of the Wood of Sharp Teeth in solitude. She longed to explore the world beyond, but her elders always warned her of the dangers that lay beyond the wood. When K’ot reached adolescence, she was exploring, and she came across two strange creatures. She heard stories from the pack of an elf who lived in her woods, but she had never seen him before.

Despite the warnings she had been taught, she moved into the open. Somehow, she felt a deep affinity for the smaller creature among the two. The bigger creature put his arm out to protect the smaller one, but the smaller one met K’ot’s gaze and stepped forward. He muttered strange words, and suddenly K’ot could understand him. He softly addressed her. “Hello. My name is Pekeporo. What’s your name?” K’ot barked, but a strange sound came from her throat. “K’otquchoq.”

From that day on, K’ot and Pekeporo were inseparable. They spent years learning each other’s habits and thoughts. They tuned their connection through hunting and exploration to the point of practically reading one another’s minds. When the day came for Pekeporo to leave the Woods on his namequest, he didn’t need to ask K’ot to come with him. Her pack was concerned, but they had seen this day coming. They knew she had been waiting for this opportunity since childhood. K’otquchuq departed the woods with a sense of anticipation and wonder as she embarked on a shared quest with this strange creature with whom she shared a bond beyond even her own pack.


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