The Sundering Worlds


Session 9-11

Our trio made their way to Waterdeep or Neverwinter or something for some reason. While there, they did some research on the Jade Emperor and the Verdant Temple. They stole a book from a lady to get this librarian lady to help them out. Meanwhile, the drow lady kept following them around, because she still wanted Elzalath to come with her. When the team left the library, some general wanted them. They tried to run away, but the librarian lady turned out to be a High Sorcerer of the city or some such title, and she prevented them from running. They met with the dude and agreed to help the battle against the bad drow army and joined some order of the city that will hook them up from now on.

Then they went to the sewers to follow some guidance they got from somewhere. They found a powerful-seeming drow dude in a room with floating shit. They became pals and agreed to all go together to infiltrate the drow army or something. On their way south, Pekeporo had his most urgent vision yet, and attempted to abandon everyone to go to the Moon Isles with K’ot. But his pals heard him leaving and decided to go along. But then the army leader fought them for some reason. They whipped his ass and he said something about a Sorcerer or something that showed he’s bad and things are corrupt.

Will our heroes make it to the Moon Isles? Are they walking into a trap? Will Ryan write these in a more timely fashion so they aren’t insanely vague and brief? Tune in next time to find out!



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