The Sundering Worlds

Friends and Foes

Session 1

In the vibrant city of Neverwinter, two strangers chanced upon one another in the Nomad’s Inn. Amidst a rowdy scene, Corvus Cade, an exiled Elf Ranger, found a fast friend in Pekeporo, an Elf Druid on his namequest. After introductions, Gundren Rockseeker announced to the entire bar that he was looking for a squad of adventurers to escort supplies to Phandalin. Hungry for adventure, Pekeporo and Corvus immediately volunteered for the perilous mission.

The next morning, the pair departed along with K’otquchuq, Pekeporo’s direwolf companion. Lulled into a false sense of security by the uneventful journey, Pekeporo was taken by surprise when four goblins stealthily launched an ambush from the surrounding woods. Fortunately, Corvus and K’ot were prepared for the attack and launched their own offensive. Corvus unleashed a volley of expertly aimed arrows, giving his companions a first glimpse of a childhood spent honing his martial prowess. Pekeporo was left to wonder what had made his young companion such a fierce warrior.

But this was no time for rumination. Pekeporo attempted to assist his companions, but failed to illuminate their foes with Faerie Fire. This was his first taste of battle, and his inexperience was showing. Fortunately, K’ot was already in the forest ripping out a goblin’s throat with her teeth. Corvus’ aim was true and another arrow sunk directly into a goblin’s forehead. Eager to contribute, Pekeporo transformed into a direwolf, leapt into the forest and mauled another goblin. Feeling a sense of relief, the troupe pressed on, only to find the eerily abandoned haul of Gundren and Sildar Hallwinter.

After returning to his elf form, a process always slightly disappointing for K’ot, Pekeporo told K’ot to guard the wagon. With a combined sense of adventure and fidelity to their employer, the pair trekked up the nearby hill, following the muddy tracks left by the raiding party. Again impressing Pekeporo with his world-proficiency, Corvus anticipated and navigated all the traps set for them by their foes. They arrived at the mouth of a cave, where four watchgoblins were posted. Due to their stealthiness, Corvus and Pekeporo took the goblins by surprise. With Corvus as his guide, Pekeporo cut his teeth and was able to draw on the years of training provided by his Uncle T’allius. Before dealing the final death blow, the pair questioned the final goblin about the contents of the cave. The goblin’s tale was dire. A cavefull of goblins ready for a fight awaited.

Will our heroes survive the cave? Will they find their employers? Will they say, “Fuck this shit,” and go find some lady-elves? Tune in next time to find out!



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