The Sundering Worlds

Provenance's Due

Session 7

After Peke checked in with Myrna and Corvus and Elzalath went to patch things up with Phandalin’s inn-keeper, the crew decided it was time to confront Porcius’ irritating bounty head-on. After devising a slap-dash and largely unnecessary plan to confront Porcius, the ventured out toward Corvus’ hometown.

On the first morning of the journey after a night’s rest, the adventurers discovered an ominous dark object. Elzalath immediately recognized its demonic origin and was hesitant to bring it along. But where Elzalath saw danger, Peke saw power, and he convinced her to bring it along. The party stayed away from cities to avoid suspicious glances. Upon awakening the second morning of their journey, they found themselves back at their camp of the previous night. Ignorant of whether they had been transported through time or space, Corvus and Peke were sufficiently convinced to heed Elzalath’s caution and leave the damned object behind.

After repeating their journey of the previous day, they once again made camp outside Corvus’ town. The following morning, when no ineffable teleportation took place, they headed into town, straight to Porcius’ dwelling. Their ruse worked flawlessly as Porcius welcomed them in, believing Corvus to be captured. When he had his goons start escorting Corvus away, the trap was sprung. Corvus filled the room with fog as he grabbed his swords. Peke cemented their advantage by casting Faerie Fire on their opponents. Elzalath and Corvus made shockingly short work of Porcius’ goons, basically pulling an organs-on-the-outside-of-your-body-now situation. Meanwhile, Porcius grabbed a small object out of his desk and tried to escape. His voluminous body made escape a slow and laborious process, and Peke had plenty of time to slip into a form a bit more serpentine and put the squeeze on Porcius.

As the fog cleared, Porcius accepted defeat and demonstrated his true impetus for seeking Corvus.

“This is much bigger than you can imagine. I was only doing what Asmodeus made me do. Please let me go. It won’t end with me. You’re screwed and so is your family.”

In Porcius’ hand was a small glass bird containing a swirling black cloud. Elzalath bristled at the evil it contained. She recognized the dark machinations of a object of Asmodeus. Even the thought of that name filled her with righteous rage. K’ot also sensed the evil in Porcius’ hand. She instinctively attempted to separate Porcius from the glass bird by biting off his hand. But in doing so, her teeth came down on the bird, shattering its fragile body in her mouth. An ominous cloud burst from her mouth, filling Porcius’ cavities and melting his entire head into a gooey blob. Simultaneously, a burst of energy erupted from K’ot, turning her greay coat deep crimson and seemingly sucking the life from her.

Pekeporo blanched. He ran to her side as the cloud dissipated in the room. K’ot was barely breathing, but Peke dug deep in her psyche and found a remnant of her former, virtuous self buried beneath the fog of evil. He recognized what she had become…a Changer. He remembered sleepless moonlit nights in the Wood of Sharp Teeth, keeping watch with T’Allius for the Changers who would mindlessly eradicate life throughout the Wood.

“What happened to her?”

Elzalath’s seemingly benign question snapped Peke back to reality. But he had known Elzalath long enough to know the real question she was asking, and K’ot’s life was far more important than some holy agenda to eradicate evil.

“She’s hurt is all. That cloud sucked the life out of her.”

“You sure?”

“Positive. She’ll be fine.”

Peke healed his lifelong companion and they walked outside together. When Corvus and Elzalath rejoined them, the group decided to make haste for Corvus’ home. After their recent ordeal, Porcius’ threat seemed far from empty.

They ran to Porcius’ home to find it ablaze. The townsfolk had no helpful information regarding the fire or Corvus’ family. Peke and Elzalath helped the residents put out the fire while Corvus ran to his mentor’s home, hoping to find his family. Instead, he found an empty house with another glass bird sitting on the doorstep. He picked it up and swore vengeance upon Asmodeus.

Have our heroes stumbled into their greatest foe yet? What will happen when Elzalath learns of Pekeporo’s deceit? What’s the deal with all these glass birds? Where’s the Faerun Seinfeld when you need him? Tune in next time to find out!



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